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Flash News
  • Kudos to the Winners of the State Level Karate Tournament at Kodaikanal on April 02,2021. Total Participants -14 and Total Medals Won- 14 Medals. Gold - 1, Silver - 5 & Bronze - 8.
  • Congratulations to all the Winners!!!
Welcome to the official website of Kicks and Punches Shito-Ryu Karate School of India

We are recognized as one of the India’s leading Karate organization known for our highly successful training program in cultivating physical, mental and technical skills in people. We provide education and training on ‘Shito-Ryu Karate do’. Shito-Ryu is one of the major styles of Karate practiced worldwide today.

We Offer
  • Basic & Advance Kata Training
  • Advance Kumite Techniques
  • World Karate Federation (WKF) recognised Katas
  • Refereeing and Judging
  • Training in National & International Tournament Participation
  • Corporate Self Defense Workshops and Seminars
  • Women Self Defense and Physical Fitness.
Our Beliefs & Philosophy

We firmly believe that as an institution dedicated to the cause of Martial arts, we must passionately help children to:

    • Be Globally Competitive Karate Kas with firm rooting.
    • Recognize their true potential and shape them into confident, responsible, balanced and multifaceted individuals.
    • Become lifelong learners, gain knowledge, think, question, apply, innovate and be in control of their lives and at all times.

Tournaments Participated
International Tournaments 9
National Tournaments 14
State,District,School/Cub Tournaments 16
Total Tournaments 39

Our Students Achievements

Gold Medals
Silver Medals
Bronze Medals
Total Medals

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Our Instructors

Sensei. E.Karthikeyan

Chief Technical Director, Grand Master Malaysia – 2018, International Medalist – 2019

Sensei. Vanitha Karthikeyan

Sensei. Vanitha Karthikeyan

Chief Instructor

Technical Director, First Women Grand Champion( SA)-1999, First Women Chief Referee-WUKO-2011.